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The links below are to Collectors groups and information, with interests similar to the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain. Inclusion below should not be taken as a formal endorsement by the Club.

Club Rollei. The Club was founded as Rollei Collector in 1984 by David Smart. In 1986 under the expert guidance of Ian Parker it became Club Rollei and recently, in 2006, was handed over to John Wild who continues to publish a quarterly magazine to members under the banner Club Rollei User.

British photographic history. The intention now is to provide a central forum for news of events and happenings within the British photographic history community. This may include lectures or meetings...........
The web address is

The Leica Society promotes the collection, regular use and history of Leica cameras and all their associated accessories. The society has members worldwide, holds meetings and publishes three magazines every year.
The Web address is

The MPP Users' Club
The Club is the World Authority on Cameras and Photographic Equipment Manufactured by Micro Precision Products Ltd. of London, England and is the meeting place for all users, owners and collectors.

Vintage Camera Online.
This site is about collecting vintage and antique photographic or cinematographic equipment and is constantly growing. Enjoy!

Jos Erdkamp - Early Kodak Cameras ( with a difference!)
"Many splendid sites about antique cameras can be found on the web. My goal is not to repeat these, but to add something new: videos of highlights from my collection of early Kodak".

The Exakta Circle promotes the collection, use and historical study of Ihagee cameras and associated accessories. The Circle has members all over the world and publishes a quarterly magazine Exakta Times.

Voigtländer Verein. The Club for enthusiasts and collectors of Voigtländer cameras, lenses and accessories. The Club holds regular meetings and produces various publications.

The Brownie Group. Opens an email address for David Hughes, Secretary of the Brownie Group, for all things connected with the Kodak Brownie camera.

Dan Colucci's camera website. An extensive site covering a large range and types of camera.

The Carte de Visite Website Website is website with a searchable database of carte-de-visite photographers and related information.

Maurice Fisher's site looks at his own photographic history and includes information on various British photographic companies.

Barry Levinson has created this interesting website to share his collection of light meters with the rest of us.

A site looking at Carlo Ponti's megalethoscope.

Mail: from PCCGB website.

Rob Neiderman, Antique & 19th Century Cameras

"... how charming it would be if it were possible to cause these natural images to imprint themselves durably, and…….